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ear candy (for me)

music is a scene. it's every where. some people get stuck, others soar to new dimensions. i have my favorites. i have my hates. i listen to all. it's a learning process experience. even in things i love i hate. it's all good love anyway. if i had to pick one type of music to listen to it would be heavy metal because it wakes my core up. i like music that is up fast loud and feels good. i love kid rock. this summer, he is all i listened to on my cd walk man while doing cardio. i even made a routine up to it. i also love marylin manson, creed, godsmack, eminem, limp bizkit, metallica, the cure, red hot chilipeppers, mostly everything on Krock and wsou. I really don't like slow music or ballads. they are depressing and i am an easily depressed person, so they don't do well, but then again it's not lie i can avoid them so i listen and take action. i rather shut them off but i'll leave them on from time to time. i also listen to z100 and ktu. so yes, i also like britney spears, nsync, aalya, and stuff like that. they are fun. i go thru my periods where i know what eminem is talking about, but then again, it's time to let go and not make such a big deal of it.

i am very influenced by music. some things surprise me when i start listening to them

~it touches everything i'm in got to have it everyday~