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art is life
life is art

art is everywhere. most people think art is a pretty picture. wrong. it's a lot of things. it can even be ugly. everything has an art to it. art is nature: a rock, the sky, dust. art is sound: a guitar, a screem, a sonic boom. not many people can see this. they have a blockage. it's what they have been fed. they think things are one way and miss the rest. it's ok. that's why im here. i can make them think. i am art. art is something that causes reaction. i sure cause reaction. so does a plane. it flies accross the sky. it can annoy the people on the ground trying to concentrate on playing cards. it can scare the people inside it. little do these people realise is how marvelous it can be that something is flying through the air, but it's so everyday that it's bla. just like your hand. have you ever looked at your hand? may be amazed.


cosmic systems intertwine

astro bodies drip like wine