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work out



I work out everyday for 2 and a half hours at Bally Total Fitness. It's a small club, but hey, someone's got to do it. For the first half hour, I do cardiovascular, and I usually always use the step machines. I find they work the legs the best contrary to what they say about tred (dread) mills. This was my Kid Rock moment, but now of course that Madonna finally has music (haha) to listen to, it's her now. then, of course it's weights for the next hour and half. I cycle my weight training. For example: Monday-chest, Tuesday-arms, Wednesday-back, Thursday-back, Friday-shoulders, Saturday-legs, Sunday-back to chest and so forth. For the last half hour, it's abs and stretching. I am up to 500 reps for my abs now.

pyrimid sets
I use the pyrimid sets system to get the workout to be complete.
set 1: light
set 2: heavier than 1
set 3: heavier than 2
set 4: heavier than 3
set 5: heavier than 4
set 6: lighter than 5
set 7: lighter than 6
and of course streching in between, always stretch!!!

My purpose for working out is a bit different than most think or try. I am actually happy with my body, and believe me, that's a shock to say. I was once 280 pounds from medications I used to have to take and that was a nightmare. Now I'm nice and sculpted with cuts, and that's what I like. I don't want to be big and muscular, only because I know and see what happens to those who do all drops to the stomach. I like being cut and thin.