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I am a simple yet complex being. Simple because I can get pure enjoyment sitting in my back yard stairing at the sky. Complex because of the thoughts that will run thru my mind. It all depends on perspective. I use my imagination a lot. A true artist inside and out. I draw sketchie ideas and let my mind fill out the rest. Music is an inspiration as I let it paint images in my mind. I have a broad range in tastes, but mostly I indulge in Madonna and Metal. There are few people in my life I feel complete around, who may not be able to be around all the time, but when they are, I feel the truest. I am a vegan vegetarian, exclusively strict, and I work out everyday for 2 and a half hours. I am very good at entertaining myself, because it's a way of life.
Though I may seem simple, it takes a LOT to impress me when it comes to people. If you want to get my attention, you really have to stand out and strike me. I like aesthetics. I like things that look good. I also like things that are so interesting and detailed that i would have to fiGure it out. very few people do that for me, actually there are two people in my life i can completely enjoy just by looking at them. Even better, they are completely interesting to talk to and be with. it would be perfect to have more people like that, but i can't scrounge the earth to find them. i have too much time to spend at the gym keeping myself up to my own par. Plain is so mundain, but to be out there is inviting.

Change is a necessary constant for me. I change my look every year to a theme. 2000 is black, so every thing I wear is black, my hair is black, and I think the point is made. I have been doing this since a very early age and as I have grown, so has my changes and diversities I have made noticeable. This is what interests me. I love change. Isn't it interesting that I love change, but at the same time it's a constant in my life?

A door; Actual size=180 pixels wide


I am 5'8", 145 pounds, long black hair, brown eyes, 4.7% body fat, 30 inch waist, 43" chest. I mostly wear guinee tees and shorts, all black of course ;) birthday: September 15th and I am 27

do you like my acid rock?


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